We will be keeping the energy on site all weekend, and hosting informal evening fire circles for those involved in creating the festival... including performers, merchants and campers. Only those staying at the site will be able to partake, and the energy promises to be varied and full, with the rich pool of talent creating spontaneous music, dancing and lots of fire! Those who participated in the Friday night fire circle in previous years will have an idea of what to expect.

We will have a Masquerade Ball in the woods Saturday evening, and a major fire circle on Friday. These will be reserved for campers, staff, volunteers and performers, so you will need to be staying on site to partake of the fun and excitement!

If you lack a suitable mask, there will be several of the country's finest maskmakers displaying their wares at the Festival, as well as fine facepainters working their magic.

We have turned the forest into a magical dance pavilion, complete with shelter, dance floor, lighting and a few surprises. Stay tuned for more information about the evening's festivities!

For those wondering about the dress code for a masquerade ball, costume can be expected to range from plain & simple to festive, outlandish, risque or whimsical. Dress to impress! The one requirement is to wear a mask or facepaint, since the concept is a masquerade.

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